The Innovation Loft has the tools your team needs for your socially distanced meetings.

In-Person Meetings Still Matter

Highly Collaborative YET Socially Distanced In-Person Sessions at The Innovation loft

Here's how we re-tooled the Innovation Loft
to practice social distancing


How we are supporting social distancing
As lock down requirements start to relax, businesses need to consider where in-person team meetings can take place, with proper social distancing measures. 

Avoid Elevators

The Innovation Loft is located on the 2nd floor allowing for easy entry and exit without the close proximity of using elevators. For those who cannot use the stairs, elevators are available. 

Individual Seats with Racetrack Walking Path 

Each participant is assigned a disinfected seat with cupholder, built in writing surface, and a sign  with their name on it so they know which seat to use. Each participant uses only one seat for the entire event and they are the only one that uses it. Participants can navigate to and from their seats without ever needing to break social distancing guidelines via a one-directional walking path along the outside perimeter of the loft space.

Food Delivery

Instead of buffets or coffee stations, participants are given a menu they can order from at any time and food will be delivered to a service table located six feet behind their seat, where they can retrieve it after the attendant delivers it. Like Instacart during a meeting!
Optionally, your group can choose to install our social distancing app. The App buzzes if participants comes within (approximately) six feet of each other, to remind them to keep their distance.

Individual Restrooms

Only one person will be entering each restroom at any time to avoid unintentional close proximity, and restrooms will be regularly disinfected throughout the event. 
HOW WE REduce GERMS in our facility 
We try not to bring germs into The Innovation Loft in the first place, but to be sure, we disinfect vigorously between every session to ensure a safer facility for everyone. 

Fever Check On Entry 

We have contactless equipment for our clients, and any participants with a fever are asked to head home.


The Innovation Loft has hardwood floors that are disinfected every night and all surfaces are wiped down between every meeting with strong disinfectant. Our individual seats have disinfectable surfaces that are disinfected every night and between every meeting. 

Clean Air

The Innovation Loft is installing a UV irradiator into their Air Conditioning system to reduce viruses carried by HVAC systems.


Participants are given a bag to place their shoes in on entry if they wish to go shoeless, or shoe “booties” can be used to cover the shoes to avoid any germs that are on them being tracked onto the floor.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer stations are available in all the "high touch" areas, such as restrooms or doors.

Germ-Free Supplies

Each attendee will receive new or disinfected supplies such as pencils and notepad.
Social distancing does create some challenges to meeting interaction, but we've taken many steps to ensure that, despite modifications, your attendees can have an inspiring and productive event.

Inform Attendees

We will share an explanatory video with participants in advance to inform them what to expect during their event here, detailing all the steps the Innovation Loft has and is taking to make it as safe as possible, and what it means for them during the event.

Facilitation Guidance

Our expert facilitators have developed best practices and techniques to ensure that events are still engaging while observing social distancing. We will share that knowledge and guide you to ensure that your event generates the outcomes you need. 

See-Through Face Shields 

Masks are a common tool to reduce disease transmission, but regrettably they also reduce communications. Therefore, all participants in meetings at the Innovation Loft have the option to use our clear face shields which enable their expressions to be easily seen. Traditional masks are also available. 

Audio Amplification

Microphones are provided at each seat so participants' voices are subtly amplified and they can be heard by everyone in the meeting even if they are across a large room.


Whiteboards are provided behind each participant’s seat and a camera is used to put any given participant’s whiteboard content up around the room on screens similar to how one might share a computer screen for easy sharing and collaboration.

Stimulating Environment

You're still in the Innovation Loft! While making it as safe as possible, the space is still the same inspiring and engaging environment people love that has been fostering innovation and collaboration for years. 

Business is still a human activity, and there are times we need that human connection without a computer screen between us.

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