The Social Safety App

Keeping Your Employees Safe Through Social Distancing

One of the things people can do to help reduce the transmission of COVID-19 is maintain proper social distancing, ensuring that individuals remain a minimum of six feet away from one another. But what if your business is responsible for essential services that require your employees to attend work and perform their duties while still being responsible for keeping themselves and their co-workers protected? How can you prepare to reopen your business, regain productivity, and respond to the need for your services … and still help keep employees safer? 

We’ve developed a unique, easy-to-use, secure mobile app that helps your employees keep their distance at work: the Social Safety app.
Watch the Demo
Watch our Chief Technical Officer, Anis Dave, demonstrate how to use the Social Safety app.

How Can Our New Social Safety App Help Your Employees Stay Safer?

Our app is designed with simplicity in mind so it can be quickly installed on most modern mobile devices and deployed at your place of business to provide immediate distancing assistance to your employees. Simply require your employees to install the app on their personal mobile devices and have it active from an armband while they attend work. 

Social Safety does the rest by signaling through sounds, vibration, and light display when employees come closer than 6 feet of each other.

As employees get closer together, the sounds and display become more urgent so there is no ambiguity or confusion about what to do.

Additionally, the app keeps a secure, private record of accidental close contact between people at your business so that, in the case of infection, you will be able to warn employees of their potential exposure risk for self-quarantine purposes.

How Does the Social Safety App Work?

Our app uses Bluetooth technology available on most mobile devices to dynamically detect the distance between other devices running the app. Other than installing the Social Safety app on your employees’ mobile devices, no special software or mobile capabilities are needed for it to work.   

The Social Safety app is intended only for private businesses, which allows you to control who has access to your employees’ data, safely and securely.

Safety for Today's Workforce

Howard Tiersky, CEO of From, discusses the Apps importance and relevance in today's working environment

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